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Safe Sea

Why Safe Sea

The sensible traveler should always take along a few medications when traveling abroad. If you're traveling to Cancun between March and August then you should consider buying Safe Sea. After all, you'll be taking sunscreen with you and why not take one that not only protects you from the sun, but can also defend against sea lice?

Safe Sea claims to be the worlds only solution against marine stingers and not only does it help prevent a sea lice irritation but it also protects against most other jellyfish too. Featured on the BBC program Tomorrows World.

Safe Sea is available with several degrees of Sun Protection Factor and has been dermatologically tested for sensitive skin.

You may also be able to purchase Safe Sea at places such as small local dive shops in your area. But one place you will NOT find it is in Cancun.

  • Safe Sea Kids

  • Divers (no sun block)

  • SPF 15

  • SPF 30

  • SPF 50

This is the worlds only lotion developed specifically to protect against ocean stings and is completely waterproof, making it perfect for sunbathers, ocean swimmers, and scuba divers in Cancun

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