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So when is Sea Lice Season?

Sea lice season extends all the way through from March until August, but the highest risk months are April, May, June and July. Outbreaks are sporadic and not normally consistent throughout the whole of the sea lice season.

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In Cancun, the area along the side of the 7 as it is known is the area where most outbreaks occur. This is where the ocean is rougher and faces the open sea.

On the bay side of Cancun (the top of the 7) the waters are calmer and the Cancun mainland is shielded by Isla Mujeres.

You may be more familiar with the high risk locations if I explained that it is the area between Km 8 Punta Cancun, southwards right to the end of the hotel zone by Club Med at Km 20.

You should note that during early outbreaks adult jellyfish may be seen in the ocean. However, it is the larvae and not the fully grown jellyfish that are responsible for the itchy rashes. Just because there are no adult jellyfish are visible it does not mean that the larvae are not present.

The best source of warnings for when outbreaks are happening are those in the area. Talk to other vacationers, the lifeguards and in many cases other hotel staff will know. Look out for leaflets handed out either on the beach or in your hotel lobby.